About Us

• Developed in house – a world class technology

• Laid on over a built up area of 100,000 sq. ft. for production and utilities, surrounded by 22 acres of land. This is a state of the art plant for the manufacturing of glass refillable syringes.

• The Infrastructure encompasses its own glass forming machines, plastic molding machines, clean rooms for processing and assembly, and an in house sterilization unit.

• High speed automated washing & processing machines are in place to give a touch free production.

• All critical components are manufactured in house to keep a tight control on quality and consistency of manufactured product to comply with the specifications laid down.

• Quality control laboratory are well equipped with state of the art equipment’s to ensure only superior quality output.

• Controlled atmosphere conditions are used for process ing and assembly of the syringe system.

• With advanced technology, and implementation of unified standard, we provide high quality products and stability of the devices.