Prefill Syringes

Comprehensive Range Daddas offer a comprehensive Range of Glass Prefillable Syringe Systems, both in Bulk as well as in Ready To Fill format.

. Type I glass (compliant to Pharm. Eur. / USP / JP).

. Clear Glass Syringes & Amber Syringes (on request).

. Sizes – from 0.5ml up to 20ml unless otherwise agreed 10ml & 20ml supplied in bulk.

. All Syringes as Per ISO 11404.

. Mountings – Fixed Needle, Luer Lock, Luer Tip cone & Tyfill® Rigid Cap(TRC).

. Cut Flange or Round Flange.

. Wider range of pre-assembled needles.

. Customized ceramic printing & graduations.

. Proprietary baked silicon firm on inside wall for highly sensitive drugs or biologics.

. Standardized packaging configurations suited to standard filling and packaging machines.

. Plunger stoppers in many pharmaceutical approved elastomers.

. Plunger Rods in Polypropylene, Polycarbonate or Polystyrene.

. Ergonomically designed finger grip for ease of handling and safety.

. Drug Master File Type III Low Particle & Low contamination Excellent gliding performance.

. Low cosmetic defects.

. Easy integration into filling lines.

. Customizes syringe solutions available.

Tyfill® Bulk Syringe barrels are non sterile syringes placed in a rondo tray. These glass syringes are manufactured on high speed precision forming lines. The processes include forming, printing, backing, needle fixing, packing in rondo trays. This format facilitate complete processing of glass barrels for washing sterilization, siliconization, component placement finally the filling of the syringe at your facility.

Tyfill® Pre-sterilized Prefillable Syringes are offered in a ready to fill condition. The Tyfill® Bulk syringes are processed in house on a high speed machine. The processes include washing, drying, siliconization, component placement (tip closures or a needle shields) and packing in nest which is then placed into a tub. The tub is then covered with a Tyvek® inlay, followed by a Tyvek® seal. After being packed in breather bags, the tubs are sterilized.